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Arcane Component Works    Arcane Thread made in the U.S.A.

Winding Checks
Arcane winding checks are crafted with pride in the U.S.A.
Odds are, you'll be happy about that. Available Sizes: 19/64-28/64 in all styles.

Arcane Knurled Winding CheckKNURLED - The narrow, knurled check is the most popular genre of nickel silver winding checks in the world. The twist? This check, like its un-knurled counterpart below, is essentially a slice out of the stepped portion of the geometry of our Broad Winding Check.
Arcane Plain Winding CheckPLAIN - These checks are the ultimate in a subtle transition-understated elegance. You're making rods because you can make them better, so for goodness sakes avoid those hideous molded rubber winding checks and put a little nickel silver on your next custom rod.

Arcane Broad Winding CheckBROAD - Crafted from solid nickel silver bar stock in a style reminiscent of traditional "tapers" which transitioned from the large diameter of the grip to the smaller diameter of the rod blank. Perfect for engraving!

Arcane Tiered Winding CheckTIERED - Tiered, externally tapered winding checks with a delicate knurl on the upper tier have their historical basis in one of the classic rod shops that irrupted from the Leonard-Kosmic tradition: Fred Thomas's shop. It's one of Arcane’s favorite historic designs!

Arcane Swoop Winding CheckSwoop - The swoop check is another original design that stemmed from the desire for an exceptionally narrow check that would still cap off a finely tapered reverse half wells grip with distinction.