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Rod Finishes & Finishing Equipment

Our extensive line of Rod Building and Finishing equipment includes:

  • Hand & Power Rod Wrappers from FlexCoat
  • Cork Lathe Set-Ups
  • Pacific Bay Power Rod Wrapper
  • FlexCoat Power Finishing Machine
  • Rod Bench Electrification Kit
  • Blank Cut Off Machine
  • Belt Sander
  • Heat Gun
  • Grip Inlay Grinding Tool
  • Rod Builders Lights
  • Motors
  • Adjustable Chucks
  • Machine Replacement Parts

Color Preservers, Epoxy Glues, and Finishes from:

  • Rod Dancer
  • CUI
  • Gudebrod
  • FlexCoat
  • U-40
  • Aftco
  • Rodsmith (Pac-Bay)
  • Devcon
  • PC Products
  • Elmers
  • Kardol
  • Zap
  • Ross
  • Cason Custom Rod Finishes


  • Sable, Oxhair, Chinese Bristle, Acid, & All-Purpose Ecomony
  • Microbrush
  • Camel Hair
  • Nylon

Inscription Tools:

  • Pilot Metallic Markers & Geotype Dry Transfer Lettering, Lettering Pens & Inks, Gel Pens, China Markers


  • Rod Decals from Bass to Walleye, Nautical Designs, & Fly Patterns
  • Multi-Colored Pre-Made Metallic Butt Wraps
  • Trim Bands & Underwrap Tape in Pearl, Chrome, & Gold, plus many others
  • Feather Inlays
  • And Much More!