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What components should you consider when selecting a suitable deep drop rod?

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Merrick Tackle celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary
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Merrick Tackle  celebrates 50 yearsFlorida Sport Fishing Time-honored traditions of quality and service continue as Merrick Tackle celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary. It all began on Long Island in 1959 with a retail store founded by Roy Greenberg. His son Scott began working in the business at the age of twelve, and as a fish takes to water, he focused on learning everything about the fishing tackle business. Scott learned early on that serving custom rod builders enabled a small store to double or triple profit margins and successfully compete with the big box chains. He sought out and stocked hard-to-find rod building supplies and all the little bits and pieces that are combined in creative ways to produce one-of-a kind fishing rods for fresh and saltwater.

Nineteen years ago, Merrick Tackle relocated to the beautiful Catskill Mountains near the banks of the world-class Esopus trout stream. Here the business evolved to become the largest wholesale distributor of rod building components in the field, as well as a prime source of information about the techniques of rod building. Promoting this profitable niche market for the benefit of fishing tackle dealers is a priority. Dealers who provide rod- building supplies and classes develop a year-round source of income to shore up the bottom line.

Florida Sport Fishing Although instruction is available in books and videos, Scott remains a first-hand fountain of expertise that he willingly shares with all who want to learn. Dealers in all fifty states plus fifty-eight foreign countries depend on Scott and his knowledgeable, caring associates to help tap into these prime, neglected markets with up-to-date information and the largest selection of familiar staples and hard-to-find custom components and accessories at their fingertips.

In business, the bottom line is the one that counts. Merrick Tackle works with dealers to increase their profitability using rod building and repair, areas that are ready and waiting to be reeled in by independent retailers. Custom rod building opens a totally new market serving hobbyists of all ages and individuals seeking a wholesome, constructive activity to gratify a desire for artistic expression or a profitable sideline.

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Merrick Tackle Center

Merrick Tackle staff in the warehouseEver since he was ten years old, Scott Greenberg has been working in family owned and operated Merrick Tackle Center, established in 1959. About sixteen years ago, Merrick Tackle relocated from Long Island to the banks of the world famous fly fishing destination, the Esopus Creek, in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York State.

Many thousands of rod builders have learned from Scott how to craft functional and artistic rods of all types. Dealers in all fifty states, plus fifty-eight foreign countries, depend on Scott and his fine crew to support them with information and the largest selection of familiar staples and hard-to-find custom manufactured components and accessories. The Merrick Tackle warehouse houses a complete and extensive inventory, and features the exclusive selection of Bronco® products. An all-new line of Bronco® Lure Bags is now available.

And speaking of lines, the bottom line is the one that counts. Trust Merrick Tackle to work with you to increase profitability in rod building and repair, areas totally avoided by big-box operations, but ready to be reeled in by independent retailers. Scott and his knowledgeable, caring associates are eager to help you increase sales by providing instruction in the use of all products, answering your questions, and helping you tap into these prime, neglected markets. Custom rod building offers a wholesome, constructive, activity for all ages, from pre-teens to seniors, not to mention gratifying the need for artistic expression, and possibly fulfilling a desire for a profitable sideline.

Every October Merrick Tackle presents a dealer show featuring the newest items in fishing tackle and rod building supplies. Representatives from major firms personally demonstrate products and answer your questions.

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March 2008 issue of TackleTrade World

FISHING TACKLE shops in 59 countries are netting 100 to 200 per cent mark-ups on custom fishing rods, according to Scott Greenberg of Merrick Tackle in Shandaken, New York.

"Custom rods are a way for smaller stores to compete," says Scott. "You're not going to see those rods in a big-box store, and a lot of small stores can double or triple their profit."

Scott's father, Roy, founded Merrick in 1959 on Long Island, New York. The company evolved from a single retail store that sold marine supplies, cutlery and tackle to a three-store, mail-order operation. Scott has been working with his father for 30 years.

About 16 years ago, they closed the retail stores, moved to the Catskill Mountains, and began a wholesale-only business, specializing in custom rod-building supplies. Scott took the helm last year when Roy retired (although he still works part-time). They have customers in all 50 US states and 58 other countries. Because the company's roots are on Long Island, the majority of its sales are for saltwater gear.

Fifteen employees handle more than 40,000 stocked items. "In rod building, there are lots of bits and pieces," says Scott.
His customers include tackle stores and custom builders in small workshops. Custom rods, says Scott, distinguish small stores from large chains. Stores that offer rod-building classes have found a way to generate sales during the off-season. Customers who buy components to build their own rods are like fly tyers, always seeking new materials and components to improve performance.

Rod blanks and components have seen tremendous improvements since Roy Greenberg founded the business. Especially popular now are Fuji guides and two-piece, English- style surf-rod blanks, designed for distance.

Scores of veteran rod builders attend Merrick's annual dealer show every autumn, and the distributor offers free advice to its customers. "We take calls all day long," Scott says.

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